About This Product :

The Grapes: Montepulciano 80% Aglianico 20%

The Appellation: Biferno, DOC, Molise region, vineyards located in the province of Campobasso, Italy, land of limestone and clay rock.

The Wine: The brilliance of the garnet reflections on an intense ruby red, the Biferno is a wine with a full and aromatic taste. Olfactory nuances ranging from ethereal vanilla to sharp notes of spices and cinnamon. In the mouth it is rich, velvety and harmonious.

The Vinification: Done following the traditional red technique with daily mixing of the grapes skin for the first 3-4 days of maceration,  and then a single long-mixing at a controlled temperature of  25 ° C until the alcoholic fermentation is finished.  This first part is then followed by a preparation of the best conditions for the starting of the malo-lactic fermentation.  When the malo-lactic fermentation is completed the wine is then aged into stainless steel tank and into 500 liters tonneau for a minimum of 36 months.  When the ageing is finished, the winemaker selects the cuvéé in order to obtain  the best aromas.

The Pairing: Perfect for meat dishes, roasts and recipes made from beef and lamb.  Great matching with Italian traditional sausage and aged cheese such as Pecorino.

The Winery: Rinomata Cantina- For three generations the Tombacco Family has been producing and bottling Italian wines with genuine and intense flavours.  They work to create different types of products, to satisfy an Italian and foreign market that is both demanding and capable of choosing quality wines at competitive prices. 40% of the production gives rise to around 10 million bottles a year, while the remaining 60% is sold in barrels.

“This is our mission: to bring back to light the culture and tradition of good Italian wines. For this reason our logo, symbol of the depth of our identity, shows the date 1919, because today as then, the tradition, the values of knowledge and love of simple things allow us to produce quality Italian wines. For 100 years our history has lived on in what we do, so we have decided to tell other stories that speak of yesterday but transmit values, sensations and fascinating images, like beautiful postcards to admire and read in order to help build a richer and more aware tomorrow.”

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