About This Product :

The Grape: Mtsvane

The Appellation: Kakheti, Georgia

The Wine: Amber, clear bright with warm color. Aroma of autumn flowers. With a slightly higher acidity and strong tanning substances, long-time and long-lasting taste.

The Vineyard: Vines planted in 1980. Geographical location: Inner Kakheti. Left bank of the river Alazani. The bottom of the Caucasus Mountain. 480m. from the sea level. Soil: light mechanical structure, cordier-carbonate sandy soil. Does not require watering.

The Winemaking: In Qvevri with Kakhetian traditional technology, 8 months maceration on full grape skins, pips and stems. (In the process of wine making, no additional materials are used, only sulfites (SO2) and those only for disinfection of Qvevri). Wine is bottled without filtration.

The Winery: At the beginning of the 18th century, Tchotiashvili’s ancestor built a house in Alazani Valley, on the right bank of the river Lopota, in the village of Saniore. From that time, from year to year, there was held “rtveli” (harvesting of grape) and wine was made in Qvevri. With big love to vine and vineyards already the sixth generation carries on traditions.

Today in the head of family business are Kakha and Ucha Tchotiashvili. Winemaker’s and technologist’s responsibility is on smaller brother, Kakha Tchotiashvili. He has enriched the received inherited knowledge with practical experience and scientific experiments of wine technology.

In 2002, brothers decided to fulfill their long-standing idea and added the rare grape varieties to the existing vineyards. This way were created the first trial ampelographic sections. Over time, it has become necessary to scale the family business and present the received results to the wider society.

“We create traditional winemaking, we make everything by hand, even inscriptions on labels are made by hand. We have chosen a difficult way – we do not work for quantity, we produce little, but high-quality. From the beginning, the main goal was to create rare varieties of vines and vineyards. Near Rkatsiteli and Saperavi, we have Kakhuri Mtsvivani, Tavkveri, Khikhvi, Kisi, Mtsvane grape varieties. We produce red, rose, white and amber wines.” -Kakha Tchtoiashvili


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