About This Product :

The Grape: Sangiovese

The Appellation: Tuscany, Italy

The Wine: This dark, ruby-red wine has an aromatic nose, with blackberry and cherry aromas and flavors. On the palate it is medium bodied with good tannins and an overall Chianti-like fruit finish.

The Wine Making: It’s the vinification technique that gives this wine its zesty personality. The grapes are harvested at the perfect moment when they’re ripe and fruity but before they’ve become too sweet and lost their natural acidity. Our consulting winemaker, Paolo Masi, macerates the crushed grapes on the skins in stainless steel for 10 days creating a brightly colored fruit forward wine.

The Winery: Renzo Masi is a family-run company that has been making wine for three generations. The philosophy which has distinguished their work from the beginning until now has been the same: producing wines with an excellent quality/price relationship. To obtain this
year after year, they have searched for and selected the producers who can guarantee a constant, high-standard quality level and they
have created a long-term relationship of cooperation with them, including their consultation on how to manage the vineyard, with
the aim of reaching the highest quality.

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