About This Product :

The Grape: Pais, aka “Mission” grape.  (See the pun in the name, now?)

The Appellatiom: Colchagua Valley, Chile

The grapes for this wine come from an absolutely amazing, 150 year-old, dry-farmed vineyard in Pumanque in the Colchagua Valley. This is real dry-farming, on around 12 inches of Winter-only rainfall per year. From early Spring until well after harvest, not a drop of rain will fall and the vines struggle for survival and to produce their crop.

There is very, very little old-vine Pais left in the Colchagua Valley. Further south in Maule and Bio-Bio there are more than 10,000 hectares/25,000 acres. In Colchagua? About 50 hectares/125 acres. There’s so little Pais in Colchagua that the authorities won’t let us put the valley on the label- we can state the variety, but not the location. A bit of stupid bureaucracy left over from around 30 years ago.

So that’s where the name Coldshower Wines originated- it’s a way of saying Colchagua without saying Colchagua!

And the name Mission:Impaissible? Well in the US, this grape variety is known as Mission. In Argentina it’s known as Criolla Chica. We couldn’t resist the play on words!

The Wine: This is a serious wine with a rather silly label that we absolutely love! Inspired by 1970s movie posters, we wanted to do something that makes you smile, whilst you enjoy this wonderful wine.

The Taste: Fresh but structured, with some serious fruit, this is the perfect wine to accompany pretty much any type of food and it can also be enjoyed on its own. Serve around 64F- that’s around 20 minutes in the fridge before drinking.

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